Advanced API usage


The full list of API functions with descriptions and JSON schema can be found here:

This list includes functions for internal use only and will throw a 403 error if you attempt to call them.

Warning - only attempt to use the POST, PATCH, and DELETE functions if you completely understand how they work. These functions can cause irreversible changes to your company's presence on the registry, your accounts, users from your company, and your SAF Certificates


You'll need to provide your auth token each time you make a request to the SAFc Registry and you'll need to include it in the header. Example Python code with the auth token "abcd123456789":

import requests

auth_header = { 'Authorization': 'Bearer abcd123456789'}

my_info = ''

r = requests.get(my_info, header=auth_header)

Noteworthy functions


Gets information about the API user


User's: ID, email, name, companies, accounts, account memberships

Provide list of all SAF certificates for a specific account

Account ID

Large JSON with all certificates in an account and all of their fields

Get information about a specific certificate

Certificate ID

Information about specific certificate

Get a list of pending actions for a specific account

Account ID, Pending|Finished

Detailed list of actions for an account

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