🏫VII. Account Holdings

Account representatives can use the "Holdings" section to review their account's active SAFc, SAFc that are involved in a pending action, and a history of actions performed by the account (including issuances and retirements).

You can switch the account of interest using the selector in the top left corner (under "Account name")

Account holdings

Only active holdings can be found in the Account holdings tab

Pending actions

Pending actions shows all the actions that need to be taken by the account representative of that account, or actions that have been initiated by the account representative and need action from a different party.

Holdings history

Shows all the past actions that have affected the units for that specific account. It can include actions from the Registry Administrator.

Issuance table

The private issuance table shows the SAFcA issuances that have been done through that account. They are available only for the Fuel Provider Holdings Accounts.

Retirement table

The retirement table displays SAFc that were retired and for shich the account was listed as a beneficiary. SAFcA and SAFcE retirements are shown in two separate tabs:

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