📑II. Registry Dashboard

Overview of the registry tools and links

Now that you have successfully onboarded and logged into the registry, use this page to familiarize yourself with the registry layout.

Some administrative sections of the registry are only available to company representatives while others are available to non-administrative company users. On the left side of the page you will see the main sections of the platform:

  1. Company information: an administrative section for managing your company's details and company representatives

  2. Accounts: an administrative overview of your company's accounts

  3. Colleagues: an administrative table of your company's users

  4. Holdings: where you can manage each account's SAFc holdings

  5. Logs: a table with the complete history of your company, accounts, SAFc, and colleagues

Center of the page

The center of the page displays all relevant tables and information for the section you choose:

Top right corner

On the top right corner you can find three icons:

  • The bell shows the number of pending actions

  • The helpdesk tool is for asking questions or reporting problems that you encounter on the platform

  • The rightmost icon with your initials opens a menu (more below)

Use the help desk tool to report issues and provide feedback on how we can improve the registry!

Initials icon menu

Click your initials to access the following menu items:

  • Your registry profile settings

  • A link to the registry Terms & Conditions

  • A link to the registry User Guide

  • A link to the billing section (this is only accessible to Company Representatives)

  • Log out of the registry

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