🏦IV. Accounts

Creating and closing accounts

Creating an account

A company representative can create a new account by going to the Accounts section of the platform and clicking "Create an account" on the top right corner of your screen. Each type of account has its own creation process, but all include:

  1. Choose an account name: names do not need to be unique and may be changed in the future.

  2. Designate how many signatures will be required for your account to perform an action. If you enter "2" then your account will require two Account Representatives to approve an action (e.g., to transfer a SAFc) before it can be initiated. The number of signatures may be changed at any time by a company representative.

  3. Add account representatives: you may designate yourself as an account representative and invite others by email to join your account as an account representative. Each account representative you add has a specific "signing right" that dictates if they can initiate actions, approve actions, do both, or do neither (that is, users with "read only" access may only review an account but not perform any actions on it).

If your account requires more signatures than it has active account representatives with signing rights, then your account will be temporarily blocked (more on statuses below)

Account status

An account can be in one of four statuses:

  1. Active

  2. Rejected: account creation was denied by the registry administrator

  3. Blocked: account was temporarily put into a read-only status. A blocked account cannot be used to issue or manage SAFc

  4. Closed: a company representative chose to discontinue the account. A closed account is permanently in a "read-only" state.

Even if an account is blocked, account representatives retain "read-only" access to account holdings.

Closing an account

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