🏗️Types of accounts

Overview of registry account types

There are four types of accounts on the SAFc registry.

Fuel provider holding account (FPHA):

FPHA are for companies that produce or trade in SAF.

Unique abilities:

The FPHA is the only type of account that can issue new SAF certificates (SAFc). It cannot retire SAFc.

🛫 Air transport provider holding account (ATPHA)

The ATPHA is for companies that provide aviation services for passengers and/or freight, and includes airlines, freight carriers, and private aircraft operators.

Unique abilities:

The ATPHA is the only type of account that can retire Type 1 SAFcA. Other accounts must retire a SAFcA on behalf of a specific ATPHA, and this can only be completed if the ATPHA accepts the retirement.

🏢 General holding account (GHA)

This account is intended for companies that would like to handle and retire SAFc to make climate disclosures.

📞 Logistics provider holding account (LPHA)

The LPHA is for companies that arrange aviation services on behalf of corporate end-users of freight transport (that is, freight forwarders) or corporate flight bookings (that is, travel agencies).

Unique abilities:

When a LPHA retires a SAFcE on behalf of one of their customers, they are also mentioned in the retirement table.

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