🏗️Types of accounts

Overview of registry account types

There are four types of accounts on the SAFc registry.

FPHA are for companies that produce or trade in SAF.

Unique abilities:

The FPHA is the only type of account that can issue new SAF certificates (SAFc). It cannot retire SAFc.

The ATPHA is for companies that provide aviation services for passengers and/or freight, and includes airlines, freight carriers, and private aircraft operators.

Unique abilities:

The ATPHA is the only type of account that can retire Type 1 SAFcA. Other accounts must retire a SAFcA on behalf of a specific ATPHA, and this can only be completed if the ATPHA accepts the retirement.

This account is intended for companies that would like to handle and retire SAFc to make climate disclosures.

The LPHA is for companies that arrange aviation services on behalf of corporate end-users of freight transport (that is, freight forwarders) or corporate flight bookings (that is, travel agencies).

Unique abilities:

When a LPHA retires a SAFcE on behalf of one of their customers, they are also mentioned in the retirement table.

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