After clicking next (as one cannot choose how much to retire), select the designated year you intend to claim the emissions reduction. Note that this date cannot be more than the year when the units expire.

After selecting a valid year, an air transport provider needs to be designated. This can either be a company with an account in the registry, or a company without an account in the registry.

After designating the air transport provider, a summary will be displayed, and the process can be completed by clicking on the "next button".

After the units are accepted by the designated air transport provider and retired, a record of the units will be viewable in the retirement table.

Usability tier 3 SAFcE cannot be partly retired.

To be able to retire a SAFcE, the associated SAFcA needs to have been retired.

The designated beneficiary of the SAFcE needs to have consented to being the named beneficiary. The retirer of the unit will be required to provide an email address for the SAFcE beneficiary so that they can informed of the retirement in their name.

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