🔁1. Issue SAFcA (only FPHA)

The Fuel Provider Holding Account (FPHA) is the only type of account that can issue SAFcA.

An FPHA can begin the process of issuing SAFcA by clicking the "Issue SAFc" button on the top right corner on their holdings page (the button is only visible to FPHAs).

The following conditions must be met to issue SAFcA:

  1. The FPHA holds active sustainability and trader certifications applicable to the SAF that will be associated with the SAFc

  2. Each SAFcA issuance should include SAF from a single batch of fuel that share all characteristics.

  3. The underlying SAF must have an accompanying Proof of Sustainability (POS) or Proof of Compliance (POC) document that the FPHA provides during the issuance process.

  4. The FPHA correctly answers all questions in the issuance form and the answers match the documentation they provided.

At the end of a successful issuance, the resulting SAFcA will contain both data provided by the FPHA as well as some data that is calculated by the system (based on inputs from the FPHA). These fields include:

  • Adjusted LCA (life cycle assessment)

  • Sustainability tier

  • Usability tier

  • Assurance level

The registry administrator will review all data that is submitted during an issuance and may accept, reject or ask for clarification (by email) if something is missing or incorrect.

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